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By Maureen McKade

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Chapter Four - After spending the remainder of the day inside resting her bad leg and trying to figure out Hank Elliott, Olivia checked her e-mail after dinner. She found a note from Susan, a fellow ADA and as close to a friend as she had in Chicago. Liv, guess what? The old man gave me the Brubane case! This is big, Liv! If I can get a guilty verdict, the old man promised to give me more cases like this. I just hope I can do half as well as you did with your first big one. Cross your fingers for me.

Savagely, she reminded herself this wasn’t the first time since she’d run back home with her tail tucked between her legs that he’d left the ranch for a day. But it is the first time since the convicts arrived. Olivia reassured herself with the knowledge that she could get to the gun in her father’s room from any place in the house in fifty-seven seconds or less. • • • Convictions 43 Hank threaded the leather strap through his fingers, examining it closely for wears and flaws. The bridle was an old one, but it had been well cared for.

Ewww,” Melinda said, her nose wrinkled with disgust as she brushed ineffectually at her hair and ruined blouse. Then she glared at the stallion and smacked his nose with her fist. The excitable animal whinnied shrilly, and his eyes rolled upward. He raced away from them, and before Olivia could shout a warning, the stallion tried to leap over the fence. His right foreleg caught on the top pole, and the horse toppled to the ground inside the corral with a haircurling scream. Olivia nearly screamed herself, but slapped her hand over her mouth.

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