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By E.Groswenor

История града императора Константина – Константинополя. Изданная в начале двадцатого века в Америке. Американский историк подробно описывает события, которые пережил древний город на Босфоре. Издание проиллюстрировано многочисленными гравюрами и картами. Книга выходила в свет тогда, когда европейские державы готовились к новой мировой войне. Вопрос – кто будет властвовать на Босфоре в то время был особенно актуальным.

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Of the pie, utterly able yet austere, illiterate, to discern talent willing to wherever justified choice. and employ it found, he the popular Dying at the age of seventy-seven, the he bequeathed crown to his nephew, Justinian the Great. The reign of the its JUSTINIAN THE GREAT through achievements in architecture, legislation, industry, and of authentic history. war, is among the most brilliant latter, HISTORY OF CONSTANTINOPLE 35 and Narses, in and along the Danube may be Italy, Africa, and Persia, were mainly tempoforgotten, for those martial triumphs and the Justinian rary in their results.

Nor do the less populous and widely scattered sections of the capital lack each a marked individuality of its CONSTANTINOPLE 17 Some are inhabited only by a single nationality, and avoided by all the rest. In some, representatives of a dozen peoples dwell side by side, and churches of own. and synagogues, and mosques rise together fraternally toward the sky. Some of the villages on the Bosphorus are separated from each other by only a few furlongs in territorial distance, and yet I recall one hamlet which seems are centuries apart.

The sixth hill has two summits mah Djami, and on one are the Cistern of Bonos, Mihri- the ancient Church of Chora; on the other, the ancient Palace of the Ilebdomon. R. Station Custom House 71 Greek Hospitals 72 Tower of Galata 73 74 Kilidj Ali Pasha Djami Mosque of Sultan Mahmoud II 75 Xouri Osmanieh 76 Mahmoud Pasha Djami 77 Atik Ali Pasha Djami 78 Turbeh 79 Column of Sultan Mahmoud II of Constantiiie 80 Bin Bir Derek Yeri Batan Sera'i 82 Sublime Porte 83 Atmeidan 84 Mosque of Sultan Achmet I 85 Mehmet Sokolli Pasha Djami 86 Kutcliouk Aya Sophia 87 Palace of Justinian 88 Lighthouse 89 Achor Kapou 90 Sancta Sophia 91 Medical School of Giul Knniieh 92 Bab-i-Humayoun 93 Saint Irene 94 Planetree of the Janissaries 95 Ayasma of the Savior 96 Indjili Kiosk 97 Giul Khaneh Kiosk 98 Museum 99 Column of Theodosius 100 Hospital and Medical School 81 101 102 Mermer Kiosk Top Kapou CONSTANTINOPLE 15 Second to Stamboul in importance, (Erectly opposite on the north side of the Golden Horn, are the interwoven cities of Galata and Pera.

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