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  • March 28, 2017
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By Tom Curran (Author), Tracey Rockwell (Editor), Jonny Georgeson (Illustrator), John Anderson (Illustrator)

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Forgive me. I will make continue the work of forgiving sins, of reconciling God’s up for it. ” holds over our heads just to humble us sufficiently before Behind that closed door of the confessional awaits one He grants us forgiveness. No, these sentences express the of those who has been sent personally by Jesus Christ. internal requirements that make space for His peace and Yes, you read that correctly. Two thousand years later the that ready us to receive what He is prepared and waiting sending continues: the Father sent the Son Who sent the to give.

St. ” But those things that are the weightiest matters. Sometimes, we need to go further. What does it mean to say “I did it” the temptation is to hide the most serious matter in the in Confession? How do we accuse ourselves well? If you middle of a list of lesser sins, almost as if we are trying to haven’t been taught how to make a good Confession, you sneak in the serious sin, hoping the confessor might miss probably have lots of questions at this point, like “How or at least not focus on the weightiest matter.

That is not to be treated lightly. Confession is that will occur rarely, if ever. * First, take the necessary time to make a He can’t treat the disease if you don’t make it known. Not good examination of conscience. Second, when you make making a sin known in Confession is a betrayal of the your examination of conscience, write down the list of sacrament itself; it is a sin. sins you will confess, and if needed, bring the list with It is more often the case that a person forgets what he you to Confession to help ensure you won’t forget.

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