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By Amusia M.Ya., Chernysheva L.V.

This article and software program package deal includes a few of the formulae wanted for researchers to compute atomic strategies, together with photoionization, Auger and radiative decay, elastic scattering and ionization. The calculations are set in the Hartree-Fock approximation and its generalization to the random section approximation with alternate. the result of calculations can be utilized to unravel a variety of actual difficulties, from atomic strucutre to pass sections of collision approaches. The textual content explains tips on how to use the ATOM courses, the software program for that's written in FORTRAN and should be used on VAX or UNIX-based machines. The courses every one think about a unique diversity of variables. The association of the textual content and software program is designed to assist the person calculate what they should as simply as possible.It is a special compendium of data for these getting to know atomic houses and approaches, specifically for these operating in computational physics. it is going to be necessary to these operating in atomic and molecular physics, astrophysics, radiation physics, plasma physics, and strong kingdom physics to procure actual information regarding atomic constitution.

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