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By Seth D. Bergmann

This can be an introductory point textual content for compiler layout classes, that emphasizes challenge fixing talents. The thoughts are truly offered with sampler difficulties and diagrams to demonstrate the techniques. The textual content additionally covers lex and yacc compiler producing instruments in UNIX.

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2. 3. 4. } The set of all strings of zeroes and ones having an even number of ones. The first two examples are finite sets while the last two examples are infinite. The first two examples do not contain the null string, while the last two examples do. The following are four examples of languages from the alphabet of characters available on a computer keyboard: 1. 2. 3. 4. {0,10,1011} {ε} Pascal syntax Italian syntax The third example is the syntax of a programming language (in which each string in the language is a Pascal program without syntax errors), and the fourth example is a natural language (in which each string in the language is a grammatically correct Italian sentence).

3. Lex may be useful for any software development project that requires lexical analysis, not just compilers. For example, a database query language that permits statements such as Retrieve All Records For Salary >= $100,000 would require lexical analysis and could be implemented with lex. l). The structure of this file, consisting of three sections, is shown below: C declarations and #includes lex definitions %% lex patterns and actions %% C functions called by the above actions The “%%” symbols are used as delimiters for the three sections of a lex program.

L1. Also, L . {ε} = L, but L . φ = φ. (3) Kleene * - This operation is a unary operation (designated by a postfix asterisk) and is often called closure. If L is a language, we define: L0 = {ε} L1 = L L2 = L . L 36 Chapter 2 Lexical Analysis Ln = L . Ln-1 L* = L0 + L1 + L2 + L3 + L4 + L5 + ... Note that φ* = {ε}. Intuitively, Kleene * generates zero or more concatenations of strings from the language to which it is applied. , the character x represents the set consisting of one string of length 1 consisting of the character x.

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