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By Valérie Berthé, Michel Rigo

The world over acknowledged researchers examine constructing developments in combinatorics with purposes within the examine of phrases and in symbolic dynamics. They clarify the real strategies, offering a transparent exposition of a few contemporary effects, and emphasise the rising connections among those various fields. issues contain combinatorics on phrases, development avoidance, graph conception, tilings and conception of computation, multidimensional subshifts, discrete dynamical platforms, ergodic thought, numeration structures, dynamical arithmetics, automata thought and synchronised phrases, analytic combinatorics, persisted fractions and probabilistic types. every one subject is gifted in a fashion that hyperlinks it to the most issues, yet then also they are prolonged to repetitions in phrases, similarity relatives, mobile automata, friezes and Dynkin diagrams. The ebook will entice graduate scholars, study mathematicians and machine scientists operating in combinatorics, concept of computation, quantity concept, symbolic dynamics, tilings and stringology. it is going to additionally curiosity biologists utilizing textual content algorithms.

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A topological dynamical system (X , T ) is said to be uniquely ergodic if there exists one and only one T -invariant Borel probability measure over X. In particular, a uniquely ergodic topological dynamical system yields an ergodic measure-theoretic dynamical system. A measure-theoretic ergodic dynamical system satisfies the Birkhoff ergodic theorem, also called individual ergodic theorem. e. stands for ‘almost everywhere’: a property holds almost everywhere if the set of elements for which the property does not hold is contained in a set of zero measure.

The representations discussed here are a direct 2 If the β -expansion of x/β d is d0 d1 ··· , then using an extra decimal point, the expansion of x is conveniently written d0 ··· d −1 • d d +1 ··· . Note that the presentation in Chapter 2 is not entirely consistent with our present treatment if x belongs to [0,1/(β − 1)] \ [0,1). 6 The dynamics behind the transformation T3 . generalisation of the base-b expansions. 4) i=0 where the ci belong to {0, β − 1}. , x = inf{z ∈ Z | z ≥ x} . Note that if β is an integer, then β − 1 = β − 1.

Otherwise there is a unique r ∈ {2, . . , k − 1} such that m + r is a multiple of k, so that β −m < β −m −2 + · · · + β −m −k < β −m −2 + · · · + β −m −k − β −m −r + β −m −1 < ∞ ∑ j= +1 β −m j . Let x be a number in the interior of Jβ . If we choose k sufficiently large, then we also have ∞ ∞ ∑ β −ki < x and i=1 ∑ β −mi > x. 3) i=1 Now let (δi ) = δ1 δ2 · · · be an arbitrary sequence consisting of zeros and ones. It suffices to construct an expansion (εi ) of x such that εki = δi for each i ≥ 1.

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