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By P., HARRISON, P.M. et al. AISEN

Chapter 1 a few Physicochemical elements of Iron Metabolism (pages 1–18): Philip Aisen
Chapter 2 The constitution and serve as of Ferritin (pages 19–40): Pauline M. Harrison, Stephen H. Banyard, Richard J. Hoare, Susan M. Russell and Amyra Treffry
Chapter three Ferritin Phenotypes: constitution and Metabolism (pages 41–78): James W. Drysdale
Chapter four Iron Centres and Rate?Limiting Spans within the breathing Chains of Mitochondria from grownup and Fetal Rats (pages 79–90): Harold Baum and J. okay. Pollak
Chapter five An Intracellular Transit Iron Pool (pages 91–106): Allan Jacobs
Chapter 6 Siderophores: different Roles in Microbial and Human body structure (pages 107–124): J. B. Neilands
Chapter 7 Transferrin: body structure and serve as in Iron delivery (pages 125–144): Elmer B. Brown
Chapter eight Iron Kinetics and Erythropoiesis (pages 145–166): C. Ricketts and that i. Cavill
Chapter nine keep an eye on of Iron supply to Haemoglobin in Erythroid Cells (pages 167–200): Premysl Ponka, Jan Neuwirt, Jitka Borova and Ota Fuchs
Chapter 10 Biogenic Monoamine Metabolism and practical job in Iron?Deficient Rats: Behavioural Correlates (pages 201–225): M. B. H. Youdim and A. R. Green
Chapter eleven Monoamine Metabolism and Platelet functionality in Iron?Deficiency Anaemia (pages 227–248): H. F. Woods, M. B. H. Youdim, D. Boullin and S. Callender
Chapter 12 Iron prestige, Immune reaction and Susceptibility to an infection (pages 249–268): R. ok. Chandra, B. Au, G. Woodford and P. Hyam
Chapter thirteen Haem Synthesis in Sideroblastic Anaemia (pages 269–292): A. V. Hoffbrand and L. Konopka
Chapter 14 The Liver in Thalassaemia significant: Ultra?Structural Observations (pages 293–316): T. C. Iancu, H. B. Neustein and B. H. Landing
Chapter 15 Lysosomal Disruption within the Pathogenesis of Hepatic harm in fundamental and Secondary Haemochromatosis (pages 317–329): T. J. Peters, Clare Selden and Carol A. Seymour
Chapter sixteen Iron, Zinc, unfastened Radicals and Oxygen in Tissue issues and melanoma regulate (pages 331–369): R. L. Willson
Chapter 17 Chairman's remaining reviews (pages 371–373): Allan Jacobs

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1975). Many isoferritins can also be partially resolved by ion-exchange chromatography (Urushizaki et al. 19736; Drysdale 1974) or by gel filtration (Drysdale et al. 1977). The heterogeneity is not due to differences in iron content or oligomeric size, since essentially similar patterns are given by single shells of chemically derived apoferritins (Drysdale 1970). Minor differences probably represent chemical or proteolytic modification duringiron removal (P. Arosio & Drysdale, unpublished results).

A C I(N 0W LE DG E M E NTS We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Science Researcli Council, the Medical Research Council and the Royal Society and the expert technical assistance of Mrs. J. M. Hrentnall and Mr A . Doyle. References Aistiv, 1'. (1977) Some pliysicocheiiiical aspects of iron inetaboliim, in 7lris Vo/im7e, pp. 1-14 CRICH [ O N , K. R . \ of frmr FERRlTlN: STRUCTURE A N D FUNCTION 35 u i i d Metlicirie (Crichton, R . ), pp. 253-260, North-Holland, Amsterdam CRiciiToN, R .

LITT,1. & SHORR,E. (1950) Chemical properties of ferritin and their relation to its vasodepressor activity. J . Biol. Clierii. , FRIEDEN, E. & OSAKI,S. (1974) The release of iron from horse spleen ferritin by SIRIVECH, reduced flavins. Biucliern. J . R. , KOCH, M . H . J . & CRICHTON, scattering of ferritin and apoferritin, in Proteiiis of Iruii Storage t i r i d Trarisport in Biuchemistry and Mediciiie (Crichton. R . ), pp. , PIJNENBURG, A . M . C . M . G. & LEIJNSE, B. (1972) The incorporation of j9Fe, [3H]leucine and [32P]inorganic phosphate in ferritin during the perfusion of isolated rat livers.

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