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  • March 28, 2017
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By Wayne Barton

Резьба по дереву с помощью ножей. Даны рекомендации по выбору материала, инструмента, правильной заточке ножей для резьбы. Много цветных фотографий с образцами резьбы, а также трафареты и схемы.

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Run screws through the plywood into th e back of th e work where it's thickest. Use mallet power and your large gouge. Start rounding the top of the head by snipping off its edge in a series of cuts begun about half an inch from the 'cllff: Work down each side of the face, leaving just the chin intact. On subsequent passes, begin the curve nearer the center until only a centerline where the nose will be and the chin are unaffected. The wings need to have a slightly scooped hollow in the center.

Burnt umber is a warm, friendly brown that works well in any intensity; Paynes gray is a weathered wood to smoky dark color and very versatile. Fabric stores also carry rhinestones, which perfectly replicate the -jewels- in small scale. Glass rhinestones (sometimes called Austrian or Czech crystal) are preferable because they don't scratch or get dull and aren't affected by paint or glue solvents. These can be glued on and painted over, then wiped clean afterward. Use a wooden toothpick to wipe off their edges.

The gouge leaves a slightly ridged surface, but try to keep the depth as level as possible. Change the clamp location, repositioning your work so that the entire background can be cleared. You'lI notice that carving against the grain is a big issue with these tools. Change direction, doing little test chips until you get clean cut. Keep the ridges parallel. There's a small area of background between the dog's legs and body; now that you've had a chance to use your tools, cautiously outline and clear this confined area.

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