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  • March 29, 2017
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By Sonny Whitelaw

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As McCabe said, no one would have suspected Williams. ” called the driver. “Dr Spinner isn’t in her hotel room. ” Brant nodded and looked outside at the falling snow. The unsigned divorce papers sitting on his desk had been at the forefront of his mind for three days. They now seemed trivial. * Jordan Spinner dipped her hand into the water and pulled. One arm over the other, mindless stokes, endless laps from one end of the heated pool to the other. Blessed oblivion. If only it were that easy all of the time.

The final clincher came with the Kikwit outbreak earlier this year. Postmortems found loads of viruses both inside and outside the alveolar cells in victims’ lungs. There’s no longer any doubt. ” Eyes flickering uncertainly, Spinner scribbled something on her notepad. As a virologist she should have known about the Kikwit findings, but at the time she’d been in a hospital bed, likely isolated from the world by her loss. Was she now capable of climbing out of that personal nightmare and into a larger one?

Jordan had never been cowed by overbearing G-men, especially those at the top of the bureaucratic food chain. Brant shot her a curious look. ” Now her interest was tweaked. ” Brant held out a file folder. When she took it, he added, “Car’s waiting to take you to Quantico. ” He turned and walked away. “You haven’t asked me if I’m ready to work,” Jordan called. “McVeigh was a pawn,” Brant said, and kept walking. ” McCabe picked up his keys from the table. ” Reynold was standing at the door to McCabe’s Quantico bedroom, Brant hovering in his shadow.

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