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By Javier Martinez

Chilean students and activists reduce in the course of the rhetoric surrounding "the Chilean miracle" and supply an built-in research of the method of socioeconomic and political swap that reworked their state among 1970 and 1990.

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Of these, the contents of the letter signed by Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Gustavo Leigh were made public. " He added that the calling of the plebiscite was contrary to the statutes established by the military government itself and that it had been communicated to the other members of the military junta only one day before its public announcement, without specifying its actual content. The comptroller general of the republic resigned his post on December 28 after having rejected the procedure for the calling of the consultation.

If democracy has ever emerged out of a capitalist revolution, this was certainly not the case in Chile. Democracy has a long tradition in Chile, and the persistent symbolic importance of this tradition was the biggest obstacle to Pinochet's attempts to remain in power. Even more important, it is absolutely clear that the recovery of democracy in Chile arose from a profound mass rebellion against the Pinochet dictatorship. This was ultimately to express itself through the old party elites, who triumphed through the use of the very institutional mechanisms designed by the authoritarian regime to perpetuate its power.

And second, why did the protest movement not continue to grow, as many observers expected, but rather, having reached a certain point, begin to decline? Was this the result of the cunning behavior of its antagonist (the military dictatorship), or was it attributable to factors intrinsic in the movement itself? In the analysis of this point lies one of the keys to understanding the subsequent reconstruction of the Chilean party system and the peculiar transition to democracy in the country. With the benefit of a certain historical hindsight, one thing seems certain: the protests had the ability to transform resistance into a nonheroic act but did not manage to articulate a social movement that could serve as an alternative to the authoritarian order and permit a Page 20 progressive increase in the challenge to the power of the state.

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