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By S.M. Burkinshaw

Synthetic fibres are everyday for plenty of functions, with their color being of significant advertisement significance. This commonly referenced booklet offers a complete account of the actual chemistry of the dyeing of man-made fibres and microfibres.

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However, although some carrier dyeing of PET fibre is still carried out, HT dyeing is by far the preferred immersion application method. In this account of carrier dyeing, reference is made not only to research that has been carried out on the carrier dyeing of PET fibres with disperse dyes but also to work on the carrier dyeing of other classes of dye on other substrates, so as to provide a comprehensive account of this topic. A vast number of compounds have been examined as potential carriers for use in the dyeing of PET and other hydrophobic fibres; typically, carriers are small molecular size, aromatic compounds which are added to the disperse dye bath in solution or emulsion form.

12). 13). L° Hence and thus = RTln K = AH" - T AS" In K= _ (A:). 15) shows, if AIr is a constant (independent of temperature), then as temperature increases, AHo / RT approaches zero and the partition coefficient (K) approximates to ASo / R. e. the partition of dye between dyebath and fibre) becomes increasingly governed by the entropy change (ASO) that accompanies dye adsorption. Since the adsorption of a dye molecule from the dyebath on to a fibre generally represents a loss in entropy (disorder) for the dye molecule, then with increase in temperature, adsorption of the dye on to the fibre becomes less probable than desorption of the dye into the dyebath so that the partition coefficient and thus standard affinity both decrease.

7. Fibre plasticisatian. On the basis of results obtained using PET, Schuler [210] proposed that carriers reduced the interchain forces within the fibre, as a result of which, the diffusion rate of the dye (and also carrier) was increased. Rawicz et al. [203] obtained some correlation between disperse dye uptake and the mechanical properties of PET in that the uptake of an anthraquinone disperse dye was related to the extent of contraction of the fibre caused by the presence of several carriers.

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