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By Mary Caroline Richards

A flowing number of poetry that also is a advisor for all times.

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Like the prophets of old, the author "roots up and destroys" as well as "builds and plants" (Jeremiah 1 : 10). This is a prophetic and Page viii mystical book. Such books are dangerous. They are the kind dictators burn, churches tend to ignore, and consumer cultures leave on the shelf. For they have the power to awaken, to stir, to disturb, and to transform. I have heard many stories these past twelve years (since I personally came upon this work) from people whose lives were as deeply affected as my own by this work.

We did not challenge the assumptions behind the grammar (the politics of language). We learned the rules and practiced them quite unconsciously, docile until meaning began to awaken in us and we began to hear what we were saying. A strong and turbulent time, filled with the juice and joy of our evolving awareness. No blame. For we are well aware of the passionate justification given for continuing in the ''man" tradition, especially as it translates from the German generic Mensch.  . as our perceptions widen.

130). Where should we look for the teaching? We cannot do better than to lookstill another timeat this book. In it there is wisdom that the author herself most likely did not know was pulsing through her as she wrote. "There is wisdom in all creative works," Hildegard of Bingen wrote eight centuries ago. The book Centering proves her correct. MATTHEW FOX OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA SEPTEMBER, 1988 Notes 1. Matthew Fox, Breakthrough: Meister Eckhart's Creation Spirituality in New Translation (Garden City, New York: Doubleday Image, 1980).

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