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By Ronald G. Silver, John E. Sawyer, Jerry C. Summers

content material: Catalyst applied sciences to satisfy destiny emission standards for light-duty cars / Jerry C. Summers and Ronald G. Silver --
Methane oxidation over noble steel catalysts as concerning controlling traditional fuel car exhaust emissions / S.H. Oh, P.J. Mitchell, and R.M. Siewart --
automobile catalyst thoughts for destiny emission structures / W. Burton Williamson, Jerry C. Summers, and John A. Scaparo --
Experimental comparability between hydrocarbons and oxygenated compounds for his or her removal by way of three-way automobile catalysts / J.M. Bart, A. Pentenero, and M.F. Prigent --
Steady-state isotopic brief kinetic research research of CO-O₂ and CO-NO reactions over a advertisement automobile catalyst / Rachid Oukaci ... [et al.] --
Particle measurement and aid results in NO adsorption on version Pt and Rh catalysts / G. Zafiris, S.I. Roberts, and R.J. Gorte --
impression of Ce on functionality and physicochemical houses of Pt-containing car emission keep watch over catalysts / J.G. Numan, Ronald G. Silver, and S.A. Bradley --
The 1990 fresh Air Act and catalytic emission regulate expertise for desk bound assets / Jerry C. Summers, John E. Sawyer, and A.C. Frost --
Selective catalytic aid of nitric oxide with ammonia over supported and unsupported vanadia catalysts / U.S. Ozkan, Y. Cai, and M.W. Kumthekar --
Catalytic oxidation of hint concentrations of trichloroethylene over 1.5 % platinum on [gamma]-alumnina / Yi Wang, Henry Shaw, and Robert J. Farrauto --
Catalytic oxidation of trichloroethylene over PdO catalyst on [gamma]-Al₂O₃ / Tai-Chiang Yu, Henry Shaw, and Robert J. Farrauto --
Thermal decomposition of halogenated hydrocarbons on a Cu(111) floor / Jong-Liang Lin and Brian E. Bent.

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