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By Barbara Isaacs

Have you puzzled what the Montessori strategy is all approximately and even if it may be used to learn the kids on your surroundings? This ebook will solution all of your questions and extra. It comprises: information about the Montessori method examples from expert Montessori colleges and nurseries examples of non-specialist settings enforcing Montessori rules for the good thing about the youngsters functional actions recommendation on making plans and evaluate equipment.

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Manipulative skills and refinement of coordination of movement feature in every area of learning. The Montessori areas of learning can be organised into the six areas of learning identified by the foundation stage curriculum. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ personal, social and emotional development; communication, language and literacy; mathematical development; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical development; creative development. Personal, social and emotional development When exploring the aspects of this area of learning we find that the ground rules as well as the opportunities to work with the activities for an extended period of time support children’s dispositions.

However it is also important to remember that not all children will be ready or interested in being introduced to letters and writing at the age of three or four; the key to identifying the child’s readiness remains in the adult’s observations and conversations with the child. The journey towards reading and writing is often initially motivated by personal interest, such as recognition of one’s own, a friend’s or sibling’s names. It is vital that we acknowledge that in the early years this journey is likely to be longer and not as clearly defined as it is when the child is five, six or seven.

Although he cannot share in the work of adults, he has his own difficult and important task to perform, that of producing a man’ (Montessori, 1966:193). 1 Doctor’s surgery 3117 T&F Bring Montessori 28/2/07 1:47 pm Page 25 The Montessori early years curriculum 25 growing up and maturing. She saw this to be the child’s work. According to Montessori, all the activities within the classroom contribute to the child’s development. So, when children engage in these activities they are working towards ‘the creation/construction of man’.

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