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By Jamie Goode

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Although the IGFs and their signalling receptors are remarkably similar to insulin, how they operate as a communication system within the body has evolved to be very di¡erent in mammals. The expression of insulin is very restricted, principally just to the b cells in the pancreas. It is stored in secretory granules within the cells of the pancreatic islets and secreted via the regulated pathway from these cells in response to stimuli. In contrast the IGFs are expressed widely in tissues throughout the body.

Is anything known about ghrelin concentrations in stomach cancer? Pollak: No. The epidemiology is always at least a few weeks if not a few years behind the research! You are de¢ning a future area of research. I think it is on the radar screens of many people to look at these things in a population context, but there is always a time delay. I suspect those papers will come out in a few years. Clark: On the ghrelin story, Merck, P¢zer and Genentech have made small ligands against the ghrelin receptor.

Holly: There is the same sort of paradox in breast cancer. It is oestrogen driven, and oestrogen levels decrease at a time when you get more breast cancer. Androgen levels also decrease at a time when you get more prostate cancer. The age related decline in IGF-1 and GH may be protective to prevent you getting more cancer. LeRoith: There are probably oncogenic hits that are causing the cancer, and IGF-1 in that system can turn the prevalence of tumours into incidence. In other 28 DISCUSSION words, it might stimulate underlying tumours to be doing something.

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