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By Annies Attic

Crochet Bears

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197 Hyakinthos as a bearded, mature man and Polyboia, who died as a maid, may indicate a difference in generation between the two figures and I would like to put forward a hypothesis based on the above-mentioned evidence from Athens, in which Hyakinthos appears as a father of one or several daughters, who were sacrificed at a time of great distress. In my opinion, the relief on the altar in the Amyklaion represented Hyakinthos and Polyboia as father and daughter, and the remark by Pausanias that Polyboia died when she still was SL parthenos should be interpreted in the light of the myth about how Hyakinthos sacrificed one or several of his daughters.

Fig. 7. Lakonian cup, depicting youths carrying a dead warrior. Sixth century BC. Berlin 3404. 3-5), the altar in the Amyklaion was covered with reliefs depicting the following figures: Biris; Amphitrite and Poseidon; Zeus and Hermes; Dionysos, Semele and Ino; Demeter, Kore and Plouton, Moirai and Horai; Aphrodite, Athena and Artemis; Herakles; the daughters of Thestios; Mousai and the Horai once again. 196 Pausanias states that Hyakinthos was depicted with a beard, which, as I have commented above, was the common way of representing a mature man in Lakonian iconography of the Archaic age.

Previous interpretations concerning Hyakinthos are given above. 153 In the literary testimonia, beginning with Euripides' Helen (1465-1475), Hyakinthos is conceived of as a youth who was loved by Apollo. The version of the myth given by Euripides, which is the oldest literary testimonium, tells that Apollo killed Hyakinthos with a discus-throw, and that the god ordered the commemoration of the death of Hyakinthos with sacrifices. 154 At the time ofEuripides, the Athenian public must already have been familiar with the myth telling the love-story of Apollo and Hyakinthos.

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