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By Peter Lewis

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The whole world, it seemed, was out picking. I dreaded going to work but dragged my ass down the mountain and opened the place. I did the books from the night before and swept up. A few customers wandered in, guys too old to stoop in a vineyard for ten hours straight in ninety-degree heat. By three o’clock, I’d done a staggering twenty bucks. I’ll never forget that day. It was the first time I’d seen Wilson in more than a decade, and it was the last day I would see him alive. I was just settling into the lazy rhythm that creeps up on you late in the afternoon: time to slice lemons and limes, fill the condiment caddy, and contemplate your favorites on the jukebox.

You can never put your past behind you. ” The cigar was out. I left it sitting on the table and walked back inside. ” I pulled a pizza from the freezer and turned the oven on. While it was cooking, I walked back to the beds. ” I said. He put down the DS his mother had bought him—the Game Boy I’d given him wasn’t cool enough—and sat up. ” I asked. It was a stupid question. There was a latch beneath each of our mattresses in plain view. I pushed one and let the door of the cabinet down. Three boxes.

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