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By St. Burleigh, John H. S., Tr. Augustine

Those are Augustine's writings from the time of his conversion to Christianity in A.D.386 until eventually he turned Bishop of Hippo in 395-396. This quantity is a part of The Library of Christian Classics containing the nice literature of the Christian background.

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The statement expressed in that verse. —And where is there any imitation of the true in it? —Because it is stated as if Medea had really done it. A false statement is expressed exactly like a true one. If it is not intended to be believed, a false statement resembles a true one only in grammatical form. It is simply false and has no intent to deceive.

When we have emerged a little from darkness we think we see, but cannot imagine or perceive how deeply we had been sunk or how far we have progressed. Comparing our condition with graver forms of disease we believe we are healed. Do you remember how, yesterday, in complete assurance, we declared that we were free from disease, that we loved nothing THE SOLILOQUIES 39 but Wisdom; all else we sought and desired only for the sake of Wisdom? How sordid, how base, how execrable, how horrible the embrace of a woman seemed to you when we were discussing the desire for marriage!

BOOK II i, 1. —We have sufficiently rested from our labours. Love is impatient, and there is no limit to tears until love is given what it loves. Let us then begin the second Book. —Let us begin. —Let us believe in God. —Surely, if'we can. —God gives us power. —Pray, then, as briefly and as perfectly as you can. —O God, who art ever the same, let me know myself and thee. That is my prayer. —You who wish to know yourself, do you know that you exist? —I do. — How do you know. —That I do not know.

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