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In May 1902, it exploded and swamped the nearby city of Saint Pierre with red-hot rock and gas, killing more than 30,000 people within two minutes. There were just two survivors—and one was a prisoner in the city jail! Over many decades or centuries, the pressure builds up until the rocks plugging the volcanic vent give way and cause an explosive eruption. 04: Other Pacific island arcs include the Kuril Islands and Japan, the Mariana Islands, the Philippines, Tonga, and Bougainville. I don’t believe it Q 03: Where it plunges beneath other plates of oceanic crust, it creates island arcs such the Aleutian Islands (above) that curve across 1,550 miles (2,500 km) of ocean from Alaska to Siberia.

6 ft (2 m) The average depth of the layer of material lost from the nucleus of Halley’s’ Comet as it passes the Sun 100 The average number of hours that pass between comet discoveries by a dedicated comet hunter Great Comet, 1577 Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe showed that this comet was much farther away than the Moon, proving that comets were not part of Earth’s atmosphere. Great Comet, 1680 This comet was observed by Isaac Newton. He calculated its orbit, something never before done for a comet.

Volcanic islands that have become joined together. It has at least 20 active volcanoes— one for every 31 miles (50 km) of its length. WEIRD OR WHAT? es erupt When volcano , the lava cean beneath the o ere it meets h w turns to rock it stays liquid t u b cold water, akes ic pressure m inside. Volcan s in re tu m rup it burst out fro tes ea cr is ace. Th the rock's surf s of cushiontumbled heap known as shaped rocks a. pillow lav 05. 04. Sniff the air. If you smell anything sulfurous, it could be volcanic gases escaping from molten rock rising within the volcano and about to erupt from its crater.

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