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By Ingeborg Reichle

Is technology the recent artwork? ranging from this provocative query, artwork historian Ingeborg Reichle examines in her booklet attention-grabbing responses of up to date artists while confronted with fresh medical and technological advances. within the final 20 years increasingly more artists has left the conventional inventive playground to paintings as an alternative in clinical contexts reminiscent of the laboratories of molecular biology, robotics, and synthetic lifestyles. New paintings kinds like Transgenic artwork" and "Bio-Art have emerged from the laboratory. those paintings types fluctuate dramatically from conventional inventive techniques that discover the common: they've got crossed the bounds among the unreal and the usual, and therefore impress passionate debates concerning the starting to be impression of technology and know-how. this primary entire survey provides a well-selected variety of major works of art and with over 280 color illustrations offers a huge evaluate of this new and proper improvement in art.

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Unlike the approach of SST, SCOT also includes the aspect of the technological shaping of society. The socio-constructivist approach of modern technology is still characterized today by three features: first, the individual inventor as a defining category has receded into the background and has been replaced by the social interest groups involved, which represent the core of the analysis; second, they distance themselves from technological determinism, that is, from the assumption that technological development is autonomous and instead assume that social development is dominated by technology; third, in their analysis they do not differentiate between technological, social, economic, or political aspects; see Ulrike Felt, Helga Nowotny, and Klaus Taschwer 1995, 189.

4. Cf. ]utta Weber, Umkampfie Bedeutungen. Naturkonzepte im Zeitalter del' Tecbnoscience (Fr ankfurt am Main: Campus, 2003), 228. 5. Jutta Weber 2003, 242. 6. Cf. Gunther Ropohl, Technologische Aufkliirung. Beitriige zur Technikphilosophie (Fra nkfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 199 1), 184. 7. On leaving the question of meaning out of the natural sciences see Cornelia Klinger, "Der Diskurs der modernen Wissenschaften und die gesellsch aftliche Ungleichheit der Geschlechter. Eine Skizze," in Wissenschaftlichkeit und Veranttnortung.

Essai d'anthropologie symetrique (Paris : La Decouverte, 199I); English version: Bruno Latour, We Have Never Been Modern, trans . Catherine Porter (Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press , 1993). 14. On Haraway's definition of the concept of "tec hnoscience" see Donna Haraway: Die Neuerfindung del' Natur. Primaten, Cyborgs und Frauen, cd. Carmen Hammer and Immanuel Stief (Frankfurt am Main: Campus, 1995), 105ff. On the concept of "technoscience" see also Donna]. Haraway, Primate Visions. Gender; Race, and Nature in the World ofModem Science (New York: Routledge, 1992); Donna].

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