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By P. Atkins, H.R. Berthoud, N.W. Bond, D. Hoffman, A. Jansen, S. Thornton, Y. Wada and D.A. Zellner (Executive Editors)

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Sullivan, P. , Joyce, P. , Fear, J. , & Bulik, C. M. (1997). Psychopathology and personality of young women who experience food cravings. Addictive Behaviors, 22, 545–555. Gilbert, R. , & Pope, M. A. (1982). Early effects of quitting smoking. Psychopharmacology, 78, 121–127. Grunberg, N. E. (1982). The effects of nicotine and cigarette smoking on food consumption and taste preferences. Addictive Behaviors, 7, 317–331. Hall, S. , & Benowitz (1989). Changes in food intake and activity after quitting smoking.

Fifth, the QCSRF only measures cravings for foods classified as sweet or rich, whereas urges for other foods may also contribute to weight gain in smokers attempting to quit. , 1999). , McRobbie & Hajek, 2004; Perkins, Epstein, Sexton, & Pastor, 1990; Rodin, 1987; West, 2001), support the link between smoking and sweet or rich foods, in particular, as opposed to other types of foods. Moreover, many studies examine associations between drug dependency and cravings for sweets and not other types of foods (Mercer & Holder, 1997).

Weight changes in mid recovery (7–13 months) All six participants interviewed during mid recovery expressed consciousness of weight gain and the desire to lose the extra weight they had gained in early recovery. The men in mid recovery reported gaining between 33 and 60 lb within the first stages of their recovery. Three of these men were able to lose some weight (1–15 lb) during mid recovery using a variety of strategies. One man who had gained 40 lb since entering recovery said he was ‘‘slowly pulling’’ away from fried foods in an attempt to lose some weight.

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