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By Patricia A. Rosenmeyer

This publication bargains the 1st finished examine using imaginary letters in Greek literature from Homer to Philostratus. by means of imaginary letters, it skill letters written within the voice of one other, and both inserted right into a narrative (epic, historiography, tragedy, the novel), or comprising a free-standing assortment (e.g. the Greek love letter collections of the Imperial Roman period). The ebook demanding situations the suggestion that Ovid "invented" the fictitious letter shape within the Heroides, and considers a wealth of Greek antecedents for the later eu epistolary novel culture.

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4 She sees two models of communication at work here: one of tokens and one of written texts. ''5 I would phrase it somewhat di¨erently. Bellerophon, ignorant of the plot against him, misinterprets the shÄm—; he assumes that the tablets contain, in addition to any other news that Proetus may wish to communicate to his father-in-law, an introduction to his new host, and a recommendation for hospitality. I do not mean to suggest that written letters of recommendation were familiar items in Homeric epic, which is set in an era before the invention of alphabetic writing as we know it.

239): He took a pair of tablets, cleared the wax away, and wrote directly on the wooden surfaces what the king was planning to do; having done this, he spread more wax over the writing, and then sent the tablets. In this way, the guards placed to inspect the roads would see nothing but blank tablets, and would cause no trouble for the messenger. '' 9 Steiner (1994) 154±59, o¨ers excellent observations on inscribing the body. 17; cf. Ovid Ars Am. 625¨. 10 This is perceptively stated by Steiner (1994) 151.

58±61) champions the view that Cadmus brought it from the Phoenicians. For further discussion, see P. E. Easterling, ``Anachronism in Greek Tragedy,'' JHS 105 (1985b) 1±10, esp. 5. 2). Mercury inherited many of the gifts attributed to the Egyptian god Thoth. ) emphasis on the practicality of writing for business a¨airs. 17 It seems to me that Hellanicus' association of letter writing with the quintessential ``other,'' female and barbarian, re¯ects a certain uneasiness with its possible other functions.

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