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By Joe Griffin, Ivan Tyrrell

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Because it has this specialised knowledge it is allowed to get on with its job. The heart doesn't tell the kidney what to do, the kidney doesn't tell the liver what to do, and the various organs that make up the brain have no idea what's going on unless something starts to go wrong. Each organ pursues its own special function. But they do all communicate with each other via various channels - and it is through cooperation that they maintain the integrity of the organism. Of course, a kidney or a heart might become unsound.

The exponential rise in rates of mental illness over the last forty years is largely to do with the kind of society we have shaped - which is significantly influenced by what politicians allow and disallow through legislation. It is how we are governed that largely determines the ability of society and the environment to fulfil people's innate needs, enjoy life and serve the less fortunate. And how well a country is governed depends on the knowledge and skills of those individuals doing it: politicians, top bureaucrats and leaders of industry, commerce and the media.

Greater clarity when dealing with ethical dilemmas. Everything begins with an idea. The human givens organising idea has grown into a healthy, knowledge-based, practical approach to educating people and helping those who are struggling. It has enriched our understanding and we hope it enriches yours. Part Two Therapy that works Psychotherapist Pamela Woodford opens her casebook to show how working with the human givens approach has transformed her abilitv to help people in severe distress. ~N years ago, I was one of those nodding counsellors.

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