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By T.P. Nelson

This booklet describes substitute formulations and packaging concepts for the aid or removal of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) use as an aerosol propellant. Use of CFCs in particular different types of aerosols thought of ''nonessential'' used to be banned through the U.S. in 1978. contemporary renewed curiosity in extra lowering all over the world creation and intake of CFCs, and different chemical compounds implicated within the depletion of the earth's stratospheric ozone layer, is liable for this learn, which covers presently exempted and excluded CFC aerosol functions and their choices.

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L , l , l - T r l c h l o r o e ~ a Inhibited HCFC-142b Ha-22 - This would bring approximately 31 of decomposition inhibitors (as free-radical chain braakerr. such u n i t r o m a . 1-trichloroethane. l-trlchloroethPn. F) is high enough that n u l l amounts could remain for a short t h e on the die surfaces, depend- fng on conditiona. and cause mi& in che malded part. The most costly formulation must await the availability of HCFC-123 OK HCFC-141b. The fornulacion could be as follovs: V. P. 82'F) HCFC-22 0 If a preference davelops for HCFC-141b ( n a m a b l e ) over HCFC-123 because of price or toxicology, a f i n d formdo option can be considered: VI.

The p r e s e n t array of r e s u l t s . 000 50 Alternative Formulations and Packaging to Reduce Use of CFCs I h e drugs now used f o r adrenergic bronchodilator and c o r - t i c o a t e r o i d therapy a r e themselves t e r a t o g e n i c t o animals, and them is a concern chat one t e r a t o g e n (HCFC-22) could r e i n f o r c e the t e r a t o g e n i c a c t i v i t y of another ( t h e d r u g s ) . ny proposed new-propellant products varld ba Medod. 'Lh. greater solnncy--thus mucosal and tisstu permeation--of HCFC-22 could cause a more concentrated drug tide t o be d a d through the p r e - a l v e o l a r t u b e s , l e a d i n g t o p o s s i b l e t o x i c o l o g i c a l and 'toxic c.

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