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By Robert Chazan

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They seem to have viewed their contribution as peripheral to the amoraic core of the sugya, and they therefore avoided fully integrating themselves into that amoraic core. It is interesting to note that the anonymous sections of the Talmud exhibit this same nonintegrative character. By this I mean that the anonymity of the stammaim preserves the distinction between the stam and the amoraim. It serves to maintain the amoraic statements as the core of the sugya, relegating the comments of the stam to the periphery.

This characteristicalso seems best explicableaccordingto the theory 47. For example, see Kalmin, Post-Rav Ashi Amoraim, pp. 110-119, where I discuss the absence of quotations by later post-Rav Ashi amoraim of earlier post-Rav Ashi amoraim. 176 RICHARD KALMIN that the post-Ray Ashi amoraim are in reality stammaim. In their attributional statements, the post-Ray Ashi amoraim appear to have made a conscious attempt at keeping themselves distinct from amoraim in general. They were aware that as stammaim, creators and preservers of argumentation, their role in the sugya was profoundly different from that of the amoraim.

20. See, for example, Sefer ha-Kritut, who writes that winx ixnl n x xynn tIp x• x•v xi, 1n)pnvx•n t mx,'n ,,nvinx. That is, according to Sefer ha-Kritut, Rav Ashi and Ravina, the 162 RICHARD KALMIN Talmudare analyzed,explicated,and, when necessary,emendedand completed, all of which is standardeditorialactivity(see Table 1). Consequently, to say that the stamwas authoredby the saboraimis in effectto say that the saboraimedited the Talmud. 21 Accordingto the view that the Talmudwas edited duringthe editors of the Talmud, are responsible for all objections that are not explicitly attributed to an amora.

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