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By Martin Bobgan;Deidre Bobgan

After years of involvement within the biblical counseling circulation, Martin and Deidre Bobgan turned desirous about a number of the practices and left the circulate. during this publication they provide powerful biblical the reason why they suspect that Christians may still abandon the biblical counseling circulate, go back to counting on Christ, the notice of God, and the paintings of the Holy Spirit during the Biblically-ordained ministries and mutual care within the the physique of Chirst. it is a readable, hard, debatable, and thought-provoking booklet concerning the speedily increasing biblical counseling move.

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Furthermore, the reformers taught that confession should be made to God, though the confession could be in the presence of a fellow believer. Huldreich Zwingli wrote: “Auricular confession is nothing but a consultation, in which we receive from him whom God has appointed . . ”12 The English reformers also stressed repentance, and when they used the word penance they were not referring to the sacramental system of penance, but rather to repentance. They also taught that one could not be forgiven until he repented of the wrong.

He says: American pastoral care traditions are rooted in an ancient introspective piety which demands that Christian clergy possess a knowledge of the inner world. 51 That is troubling because if psychological counseling grew out of the soil of Puritan pastoral care, so biblical counseling, as an entity in itself, may provide the soil for subtleties of psychology to come in and contaminate what is intended to be pure. In an eagerness to develop counseling principles and methods to meet the challenges of the counseling setting, those who desire to remain biblical are Biblical Counseling and the Cure of Souls 57 nevertheless tempted to see in Scripture notions that originated outside Scripture.

The early church? The Reformation? The Puritan church? Or is it a phenomenon of our times, 58 Against “Biblical Counseling”: For the Bible born out of attempts to offer an alternative to psychological counseling? In the effort to provide something in the place of psychological counseling, certain practices have been adapted from the therapeutic world. And, there is always the temptation to borrow ideas and methods from the ways of the world. Therefore much biblical counseling looks like psychological counseling at least in structure and often in content.

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