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By Lydia Cabrera

As a lot a storyteller as an ethnographer, Lydia Cabrera used to be captivated via an odd and magical new international printed to her by means of her Afro-Cuban associates in early twentieth-century Havana. In Afro-Cuban stories this global involves teeming existence, introducing English-speaking readers to a realm of tenuous barriers among the traditional and the supernatural, deities and mortals, the religious and the likely inanimate.Here readers will discover a shiny, creative checklist of African tradition transplanted to Cuba and remodeled through the years, a passionate and subversive replacement to the dominant Western tradition of the Americas. during this charmed realm of delusion and legend, ingenious flights, and difficult realities, Cabrera exhibits us a global became the wrong way up. during this area guinea hens could make dour Asturians and the king of Spain dance; little fats cooking pots may perhaps organize their very own food; the pope can ship encyclicals approximately pumpkins; and officers might be defeated via the shrewdness of turtles. the 1st English translation of 1 of crucial writers on African tradition within the Americas, the gathering offers a desirable view of ways African traditions, myths, tales, and religions traveled to the recent World—of how, of their stories, Africans within the Americas created a brand new international all their very own. (20050801)

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