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By P. M. Banks and G. Kockarts (Auth.)

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67 μτη. A numerical value of the order of 6700, which is adopted for the number concentration ratio H/D, is conventional, and is based on tap water determinations. Because water occurs in various forms and in all substances, the ratio H/D is variable. 5 Isotopic Composition 27 the differences in vapor pressures. Specifically, the water vapor above the oceans will contain less deuterium than ocean surface water because H 2 0 evaporates more rapidly than HDO. In the same way, the continental water vapor suffers continuous diminution of its deuterium content, because rain removes more heavy than ordinary water from the moist air.

Amer. 49, 637 (1959). 39. D. H. Rank, A. F. Slomba, E. F. Gardner, and T. A. Wiggins, / . Opt. Soc. Amer. 52, 858 (1962). 40. L. S. Jaffe, / . Air Pollut. Contr. Ass. 18, 534 (1968). 41. J. W. Swinnerton, V. J. Linnenbom, and R. A. Lamontague, Science 167, 984 (1970). 42. W. Seiler and C. Junge, / . Geophys. Res. 75, 2217 (1970). 43. W. Seiler and C. Junge, Tellus 21, 447 (1969). 44. J. Pressman and P. Warneck, J. Atmos. Sei. 27, 155 (1970). 45. E. Hesstvedt, Nature {London) 225, 50 (1960). 46.

Thus, the oxygen-18 content in fresh water depends on the previous history of the water vapor. Photosynthesis and respiration are, however, important processes which point to the existence of a very rapid cycle of reactions as shown by the relationships between the oxygen isotopes; the action of the biosphere must not be overlooked when considering the relation between the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. 015 H20, CH4, H2, . . 00 x 1023 Ar References 31 Since the ratio 1 8 0/ 1 6 0 is not small, isotopic analysis should be carried out in the thermosphère to determine the variation due to diffusion in the earth's gravitational field.

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