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By A.S. Mujumdar and R.A. Mashelkar (Eds.)

The subject material coated during this quantity covers a large scope. It includes serious experiences in lots of frontier parts of curiosity to engineers and utilized scientists. Multiphase shipping starting from floc breakage to movement via multiphase media is mentioned. tricky difficulties of bubble development and devolatilisation from polymeric melts are handled. The query of solid-liquid section switch with movement is taken into account and the rising quantitation of internet drying know-how via mathematical modeling is roofed. shipping phenomena in high-tech fabrics starting from zeolite catalysts to liquid crystalline fabrics are coated and ambitious difficulties of shipping of gases in porous media, that have implications in lots of diverse applied sciences, also are addressed. ultimately, purposes of more moderen ideas in numerical computation of shipping methods are highlighted.

These authorative, evaluative and well timed stories of subject matters of present and capability curiosity will serve the desires of practicing engineers in addition to educational and commercial researchers

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