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By James R. Shott

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Six hundred men, rumor said. Not quite enough to challenge the king in open battle, but enough to raid small villages and wealthy herdsman such as Kenaz. She had heard Shua speak kindly of the outlaw, but Shua was betrothed to Hezro and had probably been influenced by him. Strange that Hezro would think of David Page 16 as being gentle, even protective, toward Kenaz and his flocks. But no longer. Not after what Nabal had said to him yesterday. Nabal! She must not think of him by that name. He was Kenaz, her lawful husband.

She couldn't keep up with them, and finally she would grow discouraged and turn back. She set her mouth firmly. She would go on, no matter what. She had to talk to David. "Go ahead," she said loudly so that all could hear. " The newly risen sun shone on her face as they crossed the valley heading toward the eastern hills. The chill of the night vanished in the refreshing warmth of the new day. It might have been an enjoyable excursion if she were going to visit a friend or picnic with Shua. But she was going toward the camp of the barbaric outlaw David, and her enjoyment of the morning was mixed with dread of what this day might bring.

Thank you for a wonderful night," he murmured, his lips barely moving against her cheek. " She luxuriated in the security of the arms which held her. Such strong arms. She felt so safe. And then the meaning of his last statement struck her.  . " Page 44 He looked into her eyes. He seemed genuinely sad. "I regret I must leave. " She wasn't able to say what she wanted to say. That the wedding night was only a beginning, not an end. That custom demanded a whole week of bliss following a marriage.

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