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By Daphne Kerremans

This booklet offers the 1st large-scale usage-based research of the conventionalization strategy of English neologisms within the on-line speech group. The research solutions the longstanding query of ways and why a few neologisms turn into a part of the English lexicon and others don't. It strings jointly findings and assumptions from lexicological, sociolinguistic and cognitive learn and supplementations the present theories with novel data-driven insights. For this goal a webcrawler was once built, which extracted the occurrences of the neologisms into consideration from the net in per month durations. The publication indicates that different classes conventionalization strategies might take end result from the interaction among speaker-based sociopragmatic accommodation-induced elements and elements facilitating cognitive processing of novel linguistic fabric.

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In order to find the “true gold”, lexicographers have established a set of heterogenous inclusion criteria. Continued frequency over a longer period, defined by the OED and the Third Barnhart Dictionary of New English as a decade20, is one of three criteria dictionaries like the OED, CED and Random House apply before a new word merits an entry.  Preface to the 2nd edition of the OED 1989, ³CED 1992: ix; Barnhart 2007: 135).  OED Online21). Thus, selfie, defined as a ‘photographic self-portrait; esp.

And Francis G. Fowler, founders of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (COED), were concerned with the use of neologisms in written English. com/2011/11/reports-of-the-death-of-the-cassette-tape-aregreatly-exaggerated/ 24 The first attestation of selfie dates from an Australian Internet forum in 2002, fulfilling the decade-principle. The word did however not gain general currency until the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. php 29 ideas and those that “serve a need of the moment” (1954: 29).

Moreover, she applies additional criteria.  1998: 4).  1996: 19, 29, 2006: 17, 2007: 17-18) and the present study. They are indeed important aspects, because they provide two observable and measurable operationalizations of the novelty feature. e.  2001: 1375). 3.  Herberg 1988: 110). 29 Although ‘lexical unit’ is the preferred term, it will be interchangeably used with ‘lexeme’ for purposes of brevity. 30 See also Clauzure (2003: 207). 31 become part and parcel of the lexicon of the speech community and the majority of its members.

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