Download A study of history, Volume 7 - Universal Churches by Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers, Royal Institute PDF

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By Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers, Royal Institute of International Affairs

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The Problem The Case for . the . . Correlation of the Chronology with Years of the Christian Era Goodman-Martinez-Thompson Yucatec and Mayan 169 CONTENTS ill. C. The Overthrow of Eduard Meyer's Reconstruction of the Chronology of South-West Asian History The Stratigraphical Evidence from Sites in North Syria The Evidence of the Mari Archives The Evidence of the Khorsabad List of Kings of Assyria . . i? 1 . i? 1 . . 3 . . 1 . 5 . 186 . . 187 . D. . . . ........ 1952 . . The Chronology adopted .

When an indigenous universal state has been overthrown by the intrusion of an alien civilization before the exhaustion of the social rally which the foundation of the universal state has inaugurated, the impulse in the body social of the invaded disintegrating society to complete the universal state phase before going into dissolution is powerful enough sometimes to be able to constrain the triumphant aggressor to provide an alien substitute for the indigenous institution which he himself has destroyed, and sometimes to enable the invaded society to bide its time for many centuries if need be until at last it finds its opportunity to expel the intruder, re-establish the long ago overthrown indigenous universal state, and, this time, carry it through to the completion of its natural course.

D. . . . ........ 1952 . . The Chronology adopted . in . Volumes vii-x of this . 212 . 213 in. To Edward Gibbon, for showing me, by Example, what an Historian I. II. could do IV. . . . People, Institutions, Landscapes, Monuments, Pictures, Languages, and Books, for exciting my Curiosity . v. 226 To People and Books, for teaching me Methods of Literary Presenta- ........ VI. 213 To tion Vii. To viii. To . . . 229 People, Monuments, Apparatus, Pictures, Books, and Events, for giving me Intuitions and Ideas .

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