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  • March 28, 2017
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By Jayne Castle

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Your neighbor said you always had a dance class on Saturday mornings," he said without any expression, watching as she walked past him into the kitchen and started to make a cup of tea for herself. Something in the very lack of intonation alerted Calla. She stooped slightly to peer at him through the opening of the breakfast bar. " she questioned forbiddingly. "I, uh, couldn't imagine where you could have disappeared to so early on a Saturday morning," he admitted placatingly, his eyes curiously enigmatic.

I'm planning to go as much for my own sake as for the company's," Calla stated evenly, not looking at him as he backed the Mercedes out of the parking lot and headed it for the highway toward town. "The reservations have all been made and I'm looking forward to it. " She felt him assimilating the firmness in her voice and knew he was searching for a logical way around her arguments. She also knew instinctively that he didn't want to be logical about it. He wanted to be able to tell her she couldn't go and have that be the end of the matter.

Slowly she became aware of another sound, the hiss of air as the sailplane slipped through its natural element. Was this what it sounded like to a bird? " Slade demanded lightly from the front seat. She knew he was enjoying himself enormously. "I'm adjusting, I think," she retorted dryly. "At least we didn't fall right down out of the sky the minute you released the rope. " "Like I said, no faith in the theory of flight," he chuckled. " "A bird has wings that flap," she pointed out. "He doesn't exert himself when he can get a free ride on the air currents!

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