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By Max Margolis

PREFACE way back to 18~4, Professor H~R,.'SANN L. S'l'RAClC, {If the collage of Berlin 1 who ]la.d fa.vorably spotted my firEt tv-o courses, either facing t]1O textual ('riticism of the Talmud, suggeste(l to me the writing nf a piece to aU intents a.nd pnrposos related' to the vresent one. The plan was once elahorMtell intimately, and 1 aetu<'llly 1907="" commenced="" work="" on="" u·="" number="" of="" larger="" texts.="" soon,="" however,="" i="" realized="" that="" with="" the="" meaus="" at="" my="" dis·="" posnl="" it="" ,vas="" impossible="" for="" me="" to="" arrive="" (l,="" satisfactory="" form="" text.="" lioreover,="" professional="" lying="" in="" other="" t1irections,="" was="" forced="" aba.ndoll="" tbe="" time="" being="" ;111="" t]lolight="" prosecuting="" this="" plan.="" vllcn="" jn="" autumn="" visited="" germany,="" prof.="" strack="" urged="" mc="" let="" go="" a="" while="" septua.gint="" studies="" and="" t.o="" resume="" tllat="" long="" neglect.ell.="" piece="" 'l'almudic="" work.="" 'vith="" aid="" .t="""" .="" se~l's="" :i;~n="" ;"1"ilrp,="" israt;.l="" ~hchels'r;d'l"s="" p~i'="" ",~,="" moyse="" scl
Table of Contents

CONTENTS; Grammar; creation (§ 1-3); The Aramaic Idiom of the Babylonian Talmud Its; position usually Aramaic ; Script and Orthography ; lIeans of }'ixing the V ccalization ; I Phonology (§ 4-7); The Consonants and their Cbanges · ·; The Vowels and their alterations · · · Syllabic Loss lack of Sounds via Col1ocation; of 'Vords within the Sentence ; The accessory · · ·; II Morphology (§ 8-41); A The Pronoun (§ 8-11); own Pronoun · ·; Demonstrative Pronoun; ReJative Pronoun · · · Interrogath'c Pronoun ·; B The Noun (§ 12-23); (a) The :8ominal Steme (§ 12-1S); · ·; · · ·; · · ·; ·; · · ·; IJnge; 1; three; 7; eight; 10; 15; 15; sixteen; 17; 18; IS; § 12 PrcJiolinary feedback 19; § thirteen § 14 'l'riconsonanlal ~ominal Stems with Yowel Gr:lc13tion 22; § t five 'With the center Hadical Geminate 22; § sixteen, 'Vith Prefixcs '25; § 17, Plurieonsonantal Stems 25; § 18 Denominati"es shaped by means of me:lnS o~ Aftortnath-c8 2G; (b) Inflection (§ 19-22); § t nine Infleetiona} Endings , • , ,

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And prob. , the gemination seems to be unorganic. 14. = ; Continued on p. 25. 15. Nouns with the middle radical geminate. 23 Tab. IV. 24 x 16. -r r Nouns with prefixes. 1 6. The I. II. Nouns with prefixes. Cf. XIB^S fern, of 1 7. Pluriconsonantal Stems. 2 5 is 5Ar. III. Cf. 4/. sni^a after the manner of Hebrew. V. originally to 17. VII. Probably a re-formate from the 16. c. (s. 21. 24. nomina P Belongs perhaps st. d. (cf. With prefixes Tab. V, 16. p. 24). loci and instrument; 25. nomen a Stem and its Keflexive; 26.

Syllabic Loss. of Loss of Sounds through Collocation Words 6. in the Sentence. Syllabic loss is to be registered in in for *inx. a In consequence of the collocation of words in theft sentence contractions (loss of sounds, syllabic ellipses) arise through the force of the sentence-accent. Thus n^ (5d) VO .. I" (xsV) for PPN vh, for JO PPX. rvV V T T 7 xs>x, T :' ' . \- -t 'B,('XB) for H. JX 13; especially in the combination of an adjective or participle with the personal pronoun forming a complete sentence, XD, a sort of a new inflectional form arising thereby (cf 8a).

Loci and instrument; 25. nomen a Stem and its Keflexive; 26. and 27. come is formed from the Causative Stem. actionis, actionis of the Intensive from the Hebrew; 28. 21. (mif al) is the form of the ! 17. || III. infin. of the Simple Stem. Plnriconsonantal Stems. 17. a. v), x>i:i; xT:m; f. xWtt, With dissimilation pV'p. (4A): vpnyn and 7"m, the and Kn^tB^W simplification may also pv (5rfp); take place at the end in front of the fern, ending: b. flfl: xnp^p. ing to this category c. d. f. From stems with 2 as second radical (accordAn old form of 4ft; 5d): X3D1D, *yhh, X3T"l.

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