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By Van de Velde, Mark L.O.

A Grammar of Eton is the 1st description of the Cameroonian Bantu language Eton. it's also one of many few entire descriptions of a North-western Bantu language. The complicated tonology of Eton is punctiliously analysed and awarded in an easy and constant descriptive framework, which allows the reader to maintain music of Eton's many tonal morphemes. Phonologists could be in particular attracted to the research of stem preliminary prominence, which manifests itself in a couple of logically self sufficient phenomena, together with size of the onset consonant, phonotactic skewing and variety of tonal attachment websites. Typologists and Africanists engaged on morphosyntax will locate helpful analyses of, between others, gender and contract; annoying, element, temper and negation; and verbal derivation. they are going to come upon many morphosyntactic adjustments among Eton and the higher identified jap and Southern Bantu languages, frequently as a result of evolutions formed via maximality constraints on stems. The chapters on clause constitution and intricate structures supply information hardly ever present in resources at the languages of the zone, together with descriptions of non-verbal clauses, concentration, quasi-auxiliaries and adverbial clauses.

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However, this would highly complicate syllable structure. 24 Phonology Figure 2. Released (a) and unreleased (b) final stop The following examples show stems with a final obstruent before a pause and in another context. ). (9) a. ’ b. ’ c. /á ࣨbúgg/ ‘to break’ /__Ƈ/ ࣰ [áࣨbúg‫‘ ]ܚ‬to break’ /__V/C/ ࣰ [ìbúbúggà] ‘broken’ d. 2. Lenition of voiced obstruents Voiced obstruents optionally undergo lenition. However, lenition is blocked in two environments, viz. in the onset of a prominent syllable and adjacent to a pause.

L/ /dà͡/ ‘cross’ (v) /lá͡/ ‘read’ (v) /s/ vs. /z/ /s$m/ ‘flower bud’ /zám/ ‘pleasure’ /Ě/ vs. /g‫ۅ‬b/ /Ěà/ ‘sing’ (v) /g‫ۅ‬bà/ ‘lance’ (v) /v/ vs. /z/ /vá/ ‘here’ /zá/ ‘who’ 13 /Ě/ vs. /g/ impossible /Ě/ vs. /͟/ /Ěàb/ ‘be long’ (v) /͟àb/ ‘tear apart’ (v) 2. A minimal pair is impossible, since /gb/ occurs only in the onset of prominent syllables and in that position both phonemes are always preceded by a homorganic nasal. 14 Phonology /z/ vs. /n/ /zà/ ‘hunger, famine’ /nâ/ ‘that’ (complementizer) /͟/ vs.

The palatal nasal can only be the onset of a stem-initial syllable (where it is never followed by a stop) or the phonological representation of a homorganic nasal morphophoneme. 5. 2. Functional oppositions The following list of forms illustrates that the occurrence of the consonant phonemes is not predictable from their context (v stands for verb stem): /p/ vs. /t/ /pám/ ‘go out’ (v) /tám/ ‘feather’ /p/ vs. /k‫ۅ‬p/ /pám/ ‘go out’ (v) /k‫ۅ‬pám/ ‘jump over’ (v) /p/ vs. /ҷ/ /pám/ ‘go out’ (v) /ҷàm/ ‘chase away’ (v) /p/ vs.

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