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By Francois Boucher

Outsized Hardcover tells the tale of ways humans have dressed themselves from the earliest recorded instances to fashionable instances. A definitive research that includes each one epoch and zone, truly mentioned in order that the amateur can take pleasure in this quantity in addition to the coed. A needs to for any pupil of the humanities or someone attracted to how type has developed.

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The fact that, in more temperate regions, hunting peoples are adorned rather than clothed leads us to 'search for the origins of this behaviour in the wish to distinguish oneself the other members of the group : from the desire to attract attention or sympathy, to specify the age group, the tribal classification 28 Gold gorget found at Glininsheen, Co. Clare. Halsatt Period. Dublin. National Museum of Ireland. (Museum photo) or the status of the individual, bachelor, married or widower. '* We know the forms of magical costume that were developed to the north of Cantabria in prehistoric times shown by the strangest : antlers in the Trois-Freres cavern.

Lilac colour could be extracted from myrtles, yellow 32-5 Menhir carved with figures show, despite their extreme stylization. the presence of a cloak with vertical folds, held in by a double belt, or fringed girdle with ends hanging down the front. The female idol wears a heavy necklace and the male idol a bald rick fastened on the shoulder with a fibula from weld, a type of reseda, or the artichoke. For red, the white orach could be used, and for orange-yellow, marsh-bedstraw. ^' ORNAMENT It is extremely difficult, at prehistoric textiles, and the present stage in the discovery of in the techniques of examining them, to imagine their decoration.

Louvre. (Photo Flammarion) (Telloh, c. 2500 bc), the group of two divinities (c. 2500 bc); Sumer and Akkad of this type of garment, which is characterized by its round neckline, the sleeves covering the forearm, and the seams joining these are the first representations known in the widths of kaunakes (fur), sometimes arranged in tiered flounces. The same type of gown can be found in a more recent period, made of plain material, on the diorite statue of Gudea (twenty-fourth century bc) and on the Hashamer cylinder (twenty-third century bc); it seems that the without sleeves and former left is covered by a long fringed shawl draped over the shoulder, and that in the latter case, the shawl covers both shoulders.

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